SchoolHouse Teachers Curriculum Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the Homeschool Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. is a complete online curriculum for Preschool up to 12th grade. I was able to review the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership and want to share with you how we used this in our homeschool. offers the homeschool family the flexibility to build their own complete curriculum or use the Scope and Sequence for a complete curriculum. The most rewarding aspect for me was the fact that any class or subject my daughter could think of or mention was offered.  We can create a schedule based on both her academic needs and her desires for what she is really interested in.  This beautiful curriculum offers everything for all learning ages and abilities as well as some amazing options for parents or caregivers.

The Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership will provide your family with a full curriculum or it can be used as a supplement to curriculum.  I use as the full curriculum for my eighth grade daughter.  While the platform for is online, you don’t have to worry about your child sitting at the computer all day because many courses can be printed out. This is great for some who may not have the best internet connection or who have children that have difficulty sitting in one place for a period of time, or if you are like us, you just like the flexibility of being able to have printable work to take along when you can’t be at home.  I can’t be the only one who has to take my children with me outside of the house! We simply print out any work we will need, put it in a folder and take it with us. If we want, we can also use a phone, tablet or laptop wherever we go. Flexibility is key in our life and schooling process and certainly meets our criteria!

My daughter and I began by sitting down and looking over the website together.  I would ask her if she could take any class of her choice what would that be and she joyfully proclaimed “photography!” So, we typed that into the search bar and lo and behold, photography is offered! We looked over the lesson plan and schedule and bookmarked the class for her.  There is a video tutorial to help with the bookmark process.  This was very helpful to me and to my daughter as well.  Once the photography class was bookmarked and I had created a class for her, she can easily log on and find her classes.  It makes it so much easier for both of us and helps with her independence since we are heading into high school years soon.


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Now, my daughter is currently working as an eighth grader.  She has had an interest in photography for a while but we had no idea where to begin with instruction other than allowing her time to use her camera.  It was rather informal.  She enjoyed it but as a parent and her teacher, I wanted more.  When she began discussing the dream of photography as her career, I knew we needed more.  This class has helped ease my fears of not doing enough as well as helps her focus in a more serious way and yet still allow her freedom of creativity, which we both love.

The class is set up as a thirty week program.  Each week is broken down with lesson overviews and directions as well as projects and assignments for my girl to work with until the next lesson.  What my daughter loves the most, so far, is the art gallery.  This is a venue where all students enrolled in the photography class can share the pictures they have taken.  As a lone homeschool student, this has been a tremendous asset for my daughter! She loves viewing work from her peers as well as sharing her own and receiving feedback from someone other than me! This is a wonderful aspect for this class, it allows my daughter, in the comfort of our own home, to feel a part of a community of like minded peers.

Another great part of this class, along with the others we are working on, is the option for me to keep up with her grades.  As with everything else on this site, there is a tutorial to help out if we are new with the grading system but it is a great tool for anyone wanting to keep up with multiple classes and grades as well as multiple students.  It offers the ease of having everything in one place and the accuracy of record keeping that supports any family who home schools


So far, my daughter and I both love this photography class! We have created a group of classes for her and saved them on the member dashboard.  It is time saving and helping tremendously with her independence! She simply logs in each morning and goes to class! I can’t wait to share with you all of the other classes we have signed up for this semester! I am eager to see my girl learn and I love it that she is actually excited to begin work each day!

We have created a schedule with classes solely from Schoolhouse Teachers.  I am confident my daughter will learn what she needs with this all in one curriculum.  We have covered all of the bases: history, art, geography, math, reading, Spanish, as well as her choices of electives such as the photography class that she loves.

You can find many more reviews of various options at Schoolhouse Teachers at


Have a look. It’s quite possible on of the reviewers has tried out a class you are curious about for your own family!

I can honestly say I do not need another item added to my to do list.  I am very particular about the curriculum I choose and use in my home.  I am not easily persuaded to use anything in our home education journey.  Fancy packaging, bells and whistles; none of that works with me.  I look for ease of use for both myself and my children.  I look for good, dependable lessons that are both effective in learning and engaging for the learner.  I find that with each passing year of teaching at home, I am less impressed with a lot of things I find on the market.  I need reliable.  I need accurate.  I need ease of use.  I can honestly say I found all of this with Schoolhouse Teachers.  I am excited to use this with my family and I am not the least bit hesitant to share it with families looking for the same values in a homeschool curriculum.

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