Connections Letter Writing Kit for Kids by Byron’s Games- A review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

 Connections Stationary Kit produced by Byron’s Games makes it easy for kids to reconnect with friends and family around the world.    Oh, be still my little old fashioned heart! 

There was a time when students were taught the art of letter writing as part of the curriculum in school.  I vividly remember learning how to properly address an envelope, how to correctly write a letter and we practiced proper penmanship like it was an art form. In some ways, I suppose it was.

It saddens me to think in a world so connected by social media, we have somehow lost the love of writing and receiving mail. I remember going to the mailbox and having a letter from my pen pal or a card from a relative miles away. It brought joy to my heart to read and connect with loved ones who I couldn’t see every day. I still have a box, saved and treasured, full of notes and cards. Each one in my loved ones’ own hand, in their own well thought out words, and each one more precious to me than any text or private message on social media. Call me old fashioned, but I think we have somehow lost something beautiful by not taking the time to plan, write and send out a hand written correspondence to those we love and cherish. I just think there is something beautiful and special about a conversation written in one’s own hand. So, it was with great excitement, I got to share this love in my own home when honored with the opportunity to review Connections Letter writing kit for kids from Byron’s Games.


Each Kit Contains:  twenty-five pieces of high quality stationary paper, twenty-five matching envelopes, twenty-four stickers with six different designs, ball point pen, two (purple and pink) ink stamp pads, and one thank you stamper.


We had no trouble coming up with people to write! My daughter has had a pen pal for almost two years, so she was eager to use her new stationary to write to her! She said the pen was “fancy and easy to write with” and she loved the stickers. “I don’t have to worry about the envelope coming open, I can add the sticker to the back!” She opened the kit immediately and began writing to her friend.


The stationary paper is durable and decorated nicely, with plenty of room for my teenager to write a nice, long, heartfelt letter without fear of running out of space.  The pen writes very nicely and helps her when she is trying cursive.  The envelopes are decorated nicely and are very durable for a long journey from Tennessee to California, in our case.  The beautiful little stickers add a nice artistic touch and extra safety to the envelopes. She had been asking about creating a “seal” for her letters and found this a great beginning on that endeavor!

I think Connections is the perfect name for this beautiful kit! It is always a great time to connect with family and friends, whether they live next door or hundreds of miles away. Letter writing allows a creativity and outlet for both the writer and the person receiving the letter. Taking the time to write a letter shows love and patience in a day and age when things can be attained at the touch of a button.

I feel it would be a shame not to at least mention how this company was created. Byron’s story warmed my heart, and I feel it will yours as well. Please read more at:

I like to think that years from now, my daughter can pull out her very own little box of letters and cards and re read each hand written word from friends and loved ones, in their own hand, and hold them to her heart and remember each one. It warms my heart to know she will have this one day long after the letters have been written. By  using Connections Stationary Kit. my daughter is learning how easy it is to  feel truly connected by written word.  Each time she pulls out her kit to write a new letter, she is focused on what her friend has written and felt and it encourages her to carry on a true conversation with another human being; be it miles away or next door.  


I hope you will take a  look into the links for Byron’s Games:

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