NatureGlo’s eScience- My Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My family and I have had the privilege to review NatureGlo’s eScience in our home and we are finding more and more each day we work in this program. We reviewed the NatureGlo’s eScience MathArt & Science Course Bundle and my children have really been enjoying it.

My first impression based solely on the name of the program was that this was another science program. I LOVE science, my family LOVES science so we were delighted to begin. Upon further discovery while working throught the actual program, we have found this to be much more that simply a science program. I can easily see a family using this program as a stand alone curriculum for an entire year in their homeschool if they added a math program to round it out. I could also see my high schooler using this as credits for science, math enrichment, history, geography and more. This is so much more than a science course!

My daughter really enjoyed Botany: Exploring the Giant Redwood Trees unit lesson. I loved how thorough the unit was! She watched the video of Gloria (the teacher and creator) and then followed directions to complete the unit study. I hung around close by as she studied in case she needed me but was quite pleased to find she was confident in working independently and really enjoyed it.

Everything is set up in a way to encourage students to work independently

My daughter also enjoyed working on the Math and art unit. I listened in a bit as she watched the beginning video for this unit. We had printed out the powerpoint interaction questions beforehand and she watched the video and paused as needed to answer the questions. She paused at one point and said “I have honestly never thought about how much detail there is in things in nature around me. I knew I always loved nature and looking at it but now I will stop and appreciate each detail a little more.” Wow! Isn’t that inspiring?

The powerpoint interaction question sheet helped my daughter not only focus on the lessons but retain information! She has always been a note taker and this skill helps her remember facts or have the ability to look back over her notes to refresh her memory.

With class choices ranging from Geology, Komodo dragons, insects, marine biology and life of mathematical art this program has a little bit of everything for every imaginable study possibility. My daughter couldn’t wait to complete the MathArt unit (even though she is thoroughly enjoyed it each day) so she could dive in to the Bubbleology class! Seriously, how much fun does it sound to say we are studying Bubbleology? She is really excited and eager to begin work each day and that certainly makes this Mama heart happy. I believe that when we find joy and fun in learning, our minds and hearts are more open to the process and therefore we retain more. This program has brought great joy and learning into our home and we can’t wait to continue this adventure!

So many interesting subjects to choose from! This is not your typical online course: the subjects are intriguing and a lot of planning and work has been implemented for each individual course to be complete and well rounded and FUN!
Bubbleology is a super fun and very informative unit! The name alone intrigued us and we couldn’t wait to begin! We learned a lot of fascinating facts and cannot wait to continue to learn more!

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