PEM Life- My Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

PEM LIFE was kind enough to allow us to review their Personal Finance Illustrated Biblically Based Homeschool Edition program. With my children in teens and young adulthood, I was ecstatic at having this opportunity! I have always tried to instill in my children the value of earning money, saving money and giving money to church and charitable organizations, but having an actual class that helps teach them the foundations of the importance of spending and saving wisely has been a tremendous asset to our family!

We began with learning the Personal Finance Model and I can honestly say I wish I had someone explain this to me as a young adult!

It is one thing for us to try to teach our children to save and spend wisely. It is another thing altogether to teach by example or simply allow our children to learn on their own in the real world. I had a bit of both growing up. I had parents who worked hard for every penny they earned and are proud of anything they have now because they know they worked hard to attain it. I had one class in high school that briefly touched on how our tax dollars work but I can barely remember what was taught. A lot of what I know is from being in the world and learning from trial and error. I wish this class had been available and mandatory before I graduated! I am learning alongside my children as I listen in to the lesson videos. There are brief pauses as my daughter pauses a video and we discuss something she has a question about or something I can say that relates to the video topics as I have seen in life experience. The videos are very informative and we learned early on to take notes for later. No fluff, no frills. These lessons teach so that my children will hopefully carry with them a lifelong knowledge of just exactly where their money goes.

The instructor speaks with sincerity. He is easy to listen to, easy to follow along with and the lessons are filled with useful information.

Topics range from “Budget Builder, Federal Tax Liability, Mortgage, Time and Money, Wealth and Income Potential, Opportunity Cost, Lifestyle Regulator” and MORE! Now, these lessons are geared toward older students but they are set up in a way that a parent can be a part of the learning process if you choose not to allow your child to work independently. We chose to allow our children to work at their own pace and I stayed nearby in case there were any questions or issues. I read a little ahead before each lesson and they worked on their own to watch the vidoes, take the quizzes and complete the writing assignments. With everything set up in a very organized manner, it is easy for parents/teachers to plan ahead and vary any lessons accordingly.

This course is impacting my family in a very concrete way. I can already see how my children think more critically before they spend money. They are taking more thought into what they want for their future and what they need to do to get to their goals, realistically. This course has been a tremendous help in allowing us to discuss future plans, goals and setting realistic plans into motion.

Each chapter is broken down into units in a very easy to maneuver format. Students with experience with online courses can work independently with ease. Younger students with a little less experience can always get guidance from an adult, but we found it to be self explanatory and very well designed.

Are you looking for a reliable course that will teach financial literacy to your high schooler? I hope you will take a few moments of your time and visit the

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